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As one of the lightest bindings known to man, the Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings are hot commodities among freestyle riders.

With a minimal 5% contact area, the Contact Pros allow your board to flex naturally, as it was designed to do.

Plus, with full-bottom Vaporlite bushings, you can go big all week without worry about bruised heels and sore knees.


Duraflex™ ST MD Baseplate – A minimal contact footprint allows for even board flex and is compatible with the 4x2 mounting pattern, as well as The Channel from Burton. With a mere 5% binding to board contact area, the MD Base enhances natural board flex, boosting performance and overall durability.

Vaporlite Bushing – The eveloution of closed cell foam -- natural canting and next level vibration dampening. Season long foot comfort.

Mini Disk (MD) – A minimal contact footprint allows for even board flex and is compatible with the 4x2 mounting pattern, as well as The Channel from Burton.


SonicFuse Straps – Features a multi-layer composite strap core that is fused together to form a single, articulated strap.

This minimization of stitching increases the straps durability and reduces weight.

Additionally, it evenly distributes pressure across your boot improving comfort and lateral mobility.

3D Symmetric Direct Connect Straps – Symmetric Direct Connect ankle strap system features a multi-layer strap core

that evenly distributes pressure across the top of the foot. They hold you in, but don't hold you back.


Injected Magnesium Buckles – This high-tech process produces a material four-times the strength of aluminum with only half the weight.

Plus, magnesium is easily recycled and remains the eighth most abundant material on the planet.


CP3 Duraflex Highback – Developed with Gigi Ruf, the all new CP3 Highback is lighter than previous models,

and comes equipped with the new "Mini FLAD" forward lean adjuster.


Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcup – Made of extremely durable extruded aluminium, designed to minimize toe drag while optimizing heel hold.

Grade 8.8 Hardware – The most commonly used hardware is made from "mild steel" that has a property class of only 4.6. Considering how much stress a binding is under, Union uses only the strongest steel on ALL hardware.

Tool-Free Adjustments – No screwdrivers needed - Flip the levers for a quick and easy on-hill adjustment.

Union offers a lifetime warranty on baseplates and heelcups.

If you break, or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding, they'll replace it for life.

Guaranteed. All other parts are covered for 1 year from date of purchase.

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