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The 2018 Capita Ultrafear is a snowboarding superstar with

abilities obtained through what can only be perceived as sorcery.

Seeing more screen time, more video parts, and more insane tricks than any other snowboard in the industry,

the Ultrafear has a sense of lucidity, giving anyones riding paranormal abilities like you made a deal with the devil.

This turns the mountain into your stage, with the Ultrafear being a magical medium through which your artistry can manifest,

from park laps to urban features and anything that lies in your path.

In 2018 the Ultrafear has been upgraded further with new fibreglass, sidewalls,

and base material, meaning you get more pop, more power, and a faster ride.

This isn't an illusion, this is pure magic.

Board Type: Park Lapping, Street Slaying, Do Everything

Camber Type: Freestyle Profile

A longer section of flat camber from the outside of each insert through the middle of the

board with rocker sections from outside the insert to the tip and tail. Plenty of flex with a more stable skate-style feel.

Flex: 5.5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Great Medium flex that can hit big jumps, press rails and ride all over the mountain.

Shape: Twin

Built for multi directional riding, spinning and jibbing.Ride it forwards, backwards or upside down. 

Core: P2 Superlight Core

Built for highly technical freestyle riding all over the mountain, the P2 Superlight Core is designed to be extremely durable with maximum pop.

Base: NEW Superdrive Base

The new standard in sintered base material, this base is precision forged for ultimate durability and glide. 

Additional Features:

Kevlar/Titanal Body Armour - Kevlar applied to the shoulders of the Ultrafear makes them incredibly tough and impact resistant,

and it's thermally stable so it maintains its strength even at sub zero temperatures.

A Titanal alloy through the centreline of the board magnifies the compression strength and takes the durability and dependability through the roof.

Cork Dampening - 1.5mm full cork dampening from contact point to contact point in

both edges increase protection from blunt force impacts without adding the weight of rubber dampening. 

Holysheet Fiberglass - Triax and Biax Holysheet fiberglass has a higher glass to weight ratio than regular fiberglass,

providing a more powerful ride while staying light, and then coupled with high performance,

environmentally responsible, plant based Magic Bean Resin.  


Board Lengths: 147cm, 149cm, 151cm, 153cm, 155cm, 157cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(147cm) 248mm

(149cm) 250mm

(151cm) 252mm

(153cm) 254mm

(155cm) 255mm

(157cm) 256mm 


Recommended Rider Weight:

(147cm) 45-75kg

(149cm) 47-80kg

(151cm) 52-85kg

(153cm) 55-90kg

(155cm) 57-92kg

(157cm) 60-95kg 

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