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Do you see that ladies? Behold, the sight of pure, unadulterated awesomeness. The kind of stuff that burns so bright in one's soul that there are no limits to where we can go, what we can see, and what our passions can lead us to be. The type of awesomeness that sounds like adventure, feels like freedom, and smells like a fine blend of two stroke and Canadian maple syrup that one can only appreciate if they've ripped a dirt bike up a remote mountain trail and made a campfire breakfast with Mother Nature herself. For 2018, the Jess Kimura Pro Model celebrates one of the most accomplished professional snowboarders in the last decade, and more importantly, one of the most lovable people. Her graphic is bright and optimistic; it reflects her vision from the mountain tops and her dedication to nature. It's a little bit uncut and defiant, but always with a layer of thought and consideration for more than herself. When asked about her wish to have an otter with a chainsaw on a snowboard, her answer could very easily be a reflection of herself and the legacy she wants to leave with women's snowboarding. "Hey, just because it's cute, doesn't mean it's not capable of savage maneuvers.” One of the most decorated snowboarders of this decade, Jess Kimura has swept the Transworld Snowboarding Rider’s Poll Awards multiple times. Jess has made her mark not only on women’s snowboarding but on snowboarding itself. Her fan base crosses genders and is comprised of riders from all spectrums of the sport who appreciate her gritty, sincere and hell-bent approach. As Jess is spending more time in the mountains to compliment the time she spends in the streets, we have made a key adjustment on her model to reflect the evolution in her riding. We took her existing model and rockered the nose so that it's pre-pressed for jibbing, turns on a dime, and floats in powder with ease. This simple tweak has a big effect on its overall versatility and is an evolution that fuels her passion and your progression.



CAMBER TYPE: NEW! ALPINE V1 PROFILE The original ALPINE V1 Profile design features mid-body camber with a flat tail and

a reverse cambered nose. This allows for tons of pop and stability on hard pack while increasing float and landing power,

improving the rider’s performance in deep snow.

 TECH: CANADIAN MAPLE DUAL CORE™: A dense and powerful core built for durability and control.

CARBON FIBER BEAMS: Increases power and response while remaining ultralight.

HOLYSHEET™ FIBERGLASS MAGIC BEAN™RESIN Triax/Biax HOLYSHEET™: has higher glass to weight ratio than normal fiberglass, for a more powerful and dynamic ride, when impregnated with high performance plant based MAGIC BEAN™ RESIN.

SUPERDRIVE™ BASE: The new standard in sintered base material, this UHMWPE is precision forged for high abrasion resistance and a super smooth glide.

Multitech™ Level 4 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen + PAM16000™ Topsheet w/ Metallic Underlay

Multitech™ Sublimation + Die-cut Base

PLT Topsheet Technology™

360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges

Full ABS1000 Sidewalls

Stainless Steel 4 x 2 Inserts

Titanal Base Inlay

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