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The 2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome is for the perfectionist that wants to ride one of the best snowboards ever designed.

Don't believe us? Just look at the DOAs trophy case, you'll see a Transworld Good Wood award for every single year of its existence.

We hear you, what makes this board so awesome?

How about the hybrid camber that puts the pop and response of positive camber back in your board while still

keeping a catch free and easy flexing ride, or maybe its the snappy carbon and Kevlar Bound

Sidewalls that make this thing feel alive, or maybe its the amazing graphics that would

easily make this board a best seller even if it wasn't any good to ride.

Thankfully that was never an issue, but with the DOA receiving an all new fibreglass and

resin construction along with an updated Superdrive base, it rides even better than before. 


Board Type: 

Park Laps and Everywhere Else

Camber Type: 

Hybrid Camber Profile 

Positive Camber through the middle of the board with a small section of Flat from the inserts to the contact points,

and small rocker sections in the tip and tail for a catch free ride.

This board rides with the pop and great carving skills of a camber board,

but you won't dig your nose and tail contact points in quite as hard which means less unexpected bails after landing your tricks.


5.5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Great Medium flex that can hit big jumps, press rails and ride all over the mountain.


True Twin

Built for multi directional riding, spinning and jibbing. Ride it forwards, backwards or upside down.


FSC Certified Dual Core

The best pieces of Birch and poplar wood are chosen for this core. The Birch is lightweight while the poplar is strong and placed under the inserts. It gives you all the power you could ever want while remaining light enough to spin on and off rails.


NEW Superdrive Base

The new standard in sintered base material, this base is precision forged for ultimate durability and glide. 

Additional Features

Carbon Fibre Beams - Carbon Fibre is laid parallel to the edge along the length of the board for more pop and power without any added weight.

Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls - Kevlar is laid up above the sidewalls for extra control and power in your turns.

Special Blend Fibreglass & Magic Bean Resin - Custom weighted Biaxial top and bottom fiberglass increases strength and durability, which is impregnated with high performance, environmentally responsible, plant based resin. 



Board Lengths: 148cm, 150cm, 152cm, 154cm, 156cm, 158cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(148cm) 244mm

(150cm) 246mm

(152cm) 248mm

(154cm) 250mm

(156cm) 252mm

(158cm) 254mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(148cm) 48-82kg

(150cm) 52-88kg

(152cm) 55-90kg

(154cm) 57-92kg

(156cm) 60-95kg

(158cm) 65-100kg

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